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Map of the World (Land and Ocean) shares my profound realization stemming from the common yet transformative experience of flight. As I soared through countless journeys across the sky, the world unveiled itself below not as a realm confined by demarcations or territorial colors, but as a vast, uninterrupted tapestry of land and water. Mountains flowed into rivers, and plains melded seamlessly with oceans, composing the Earth's surface in its raw and continuous mass—free from fictitious borders.
This bird's-eye perspective emboldens a tangible contrast between reality’s continuous essence and the artificial boundaries humanity has imposed. For me, each flight evolved into a moment of contemplation, reinforcing a grounding truth: while borders may shape nations, policies, and identities, nature itself prevails as a boundless entity.
Out of these reflective moments, I have cultivated artworks that echo with abstract interpretations of a world where land and water coalesce beyond political constructs. In their simplicity, these visual narratives resonate with a profound reminder—the concept of borders exists only in our imagination and nature itself remains borderless.

The Map of the World (Land and Ocean)
The Map of the World (Land and Ocean)
Joomchi, hand-dyed hanji, and threads
88 x 97 inches (irregular)