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Single-channel video (color, sound)
5 min 44 sec

The film JFK opens with the artist writing the letters ‘JFK’ with a twig in the mud made frosty by the winter air. On the muddy ground, the artist’s hand is constantly scribbling and erasing. The narration by the artist, which begins with the phrase “Arrived in JFK”, unfolds his recollections of moving to, living in, and leaving from the United States with a focal point on John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Using this emblematic international airport as his personal marker at which his journey begins and ends, Park addresses the universal yet deeply affecting human experiences of meeting and parting, forming and breaking, coming and going. However, this transition not only addresses his oversea days but also serves as the ground for self-examination--that is, a time for introspection.
Yangbin Park’s JFK essentially tells us about time and space. Although most of the film revolves around his life in New York as a newcomer to the county, the film encompasses his entire residency within the United States (2008-2014). Within his ephemeral recording of memories, the past, present, and future become intermingled and then imprinted onto the frosty mud where his words are continuously written only to be erased by time.