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Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s revolutionary Dymaxion Map, Park’s Map of the World (Shiny Ocean) is a Joomchi installation that challenges traditional cartographic representations and their inherent subjectivities. Fuller, recognizing the profound influence of maps on our worldview and decision-making, conceived a map that portrayed the Earth as a singular island amidst a vast ocean, eliminating conspicuous distortions common in prevalent projections like the Mercator map.
Park builds upon Fuller’s innovative approach, exploring the subjectivity ingrained in map projections. His work unfolds as a nuanced meditation on the deliberate and interpretative essence of mapmaking, venturing beyond conventional portrayals to embrace alternative, experimental mapping strategies. Map of the World (Shiny Ocean) stands as a testament to the transformative potential of cartographic representations, rethinking the world as a unified, interconnected entity.

The Map of the World (Shiny Ocean)
The Map of the World (Shiny Ocean)
Joomchi, hand-dyed hanji, and threads
30 x 66 inches (irregular)