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The project Documentary, Diary, and Dream examines how socioeconomic changes shape our lived experience. Specifically, it explores how the lives of individuals are profoundly connected to historical, political, and socio-economic circumstances. I brought my childhood memory of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which was a significant event that profoundly changed the Postwar Korean society. I demonstrated this transitional period by presenting a domestic space, which was a recreated version of my childhood home, where everyone in my family was sleeping together in one room. This domestic place represents both the past and the future of Korean society: the poverty of post-war Korea and its aspiration for an optimistic future. In the space, blankets, a calendar, photographs, and a Joom-ji quilt among other household objects are juxtaposed in a broader political and global context in and around the year of 1988. The labor-intensive ancient Korean Papermaking technique¬Joom-ji, in which multiple mulberry papers are hand-squeezed together to break down the fiber, then melded into a new and resilient fiber, was used as a metaphor to express the collective experience of this transitional time.