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drawing, abstract, abstraction, art, map, lines, dots, marks, ink, pen, pencil, graphite, boundary, border, borderless, artist, yangbinpark, markmaking, pen drawing
Inks and graphite on paper
9 x 12 in

I returned to my drawing practice in the pandemic that explores the idea of border as an imaginary space beyond the current geopolitical order. The frantic and uncontainable depiction of the world embodies the unruly condition under which I strive to live. Human bodies become the subject of inspection, and the national boundaries are closed off. Simultaneously, the suffering is borderless and undiscriminating. While it makes our imaginary lines, the borders, more evident and real, we undergo a truly universal human experience. Researching the history of the world map from prehistory to the twenty-first century, I found it enlightening to see how the borders, both real and imaginary, have continuously changed throughout earth's history. It provided me with a lens through which to process the current chaotic condition. My exploration resulted in drawings interpreting the border as an imaginary space shifting, evolving, and essentially temporal. In the rhythms of lines, inks, and my body, in the cycle in which boundaries are never fundamental, I found my way of making sense of today's world.