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yangbinpark, artist, printmaking, print media, print, screenprint, serigraphy, shipping labels, immigration, transition, home, displacement, mail, post office, return, Korea, USA, mobility, immobility
Return to Sender
Serigraph on Korean paper
10 x 14 inches

My presence concerning a location has had a profound influence on my artistic practice. After moving to the United States, a country thousands of miles away from Korea, I began to think about home as a transitory space, something that is passing.
This idea of transition, spatial as well as psychological, has also influenced my choice of materials in my projects. As I was moving to different places and shipping packages many times, this act of shipping became a lived metaphor for a nomadic life. That’s how I incorporated shipping boxes and labels. These shipments and labels carry the concept of mobility/immobility and transition
Despite the ever-increasing trade and exchange of commercial goods, cultures, and capital, immigrants’ rights have shrunk, the border security intensified, and the cultural displacement felt ever strongly.
In this series, Return to Sender, I retraced the places that I have lived in the United States as the sender’s address with my Korean address as the receiver. These shipments imply that they are being returned to the sender, to my old US addresses. Since I moved back to Korea, I have had difficulty assimilating into Korean society. This sense of rejection/disorientation is the motif of my work. Through the reflection of my personal journey and challenges in transit, I hope to shed light on the issues regarding immigration, mobility/immobility, and cultural displacement/rejection.