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drawing, abstract, abstraction, art, literature, lines, dots, marks, ink, pen, pencil, graphite, boundary, border, dream, imagination, desire, eccentric, whimsical, artist, yangbinpark, markmaking
Inks on paper
15 x 20 inches

Inspired by works of literature, I ventured into the realm of dreams and desire. In this drawing series, I explore dreamlike landscapes and surreal imaginaries in which the boundaries between fiction and reality collapse. Without having a predetermined end, I followed my intuition and spontaneous mark-making process to create the works. It is noteworthy that Haruki Murakami, the Japanese master of eccentric and whimsical writing, was the primary catalyst for my imagination. Rooted in literary and subliminal origin, My work attempts to evoke the desire to seek the otherworld riddled with dreams and bizarre adventures through my language of abstractions.